Join our Pet Health Care Plan

We can provide you with an annual personalised plan for your pet. The plan includes:

: First vaccination and full health check with the veterinary surgeon.

: Annual boosters

: Kennel Cough vaccination for dogs

: Leukaemia vaccination for cats

: Monthly flea treament

: Worming treatment as appropriate for your pet

: Free clip claws as required throughout the year

: A six-monthly health check with the veterinary surgeon

: 10% off cost of neutering

: 10% off any dental proceedures

: 50% off microchipping

:10% off all foods purchased at the practice including veterinary diets

: Access to our free puppy party classes if your dog is under 16 weeks of age.

Our plans are tailored to your pets weight so that we can get your pets requirements personalised to them and so a guide is below:

Rabbits = £5.50 per month
Cats = £9.50 per month
Small dogs up to 10kg = £12.50 per month
Medium dogs 10kg – 20kg = £14.50 per month
Large dogs over 20kg = £16.50 per month