Come and join us at Puppy Party!

Two of our lovely puppy friends


Here at Sidmouth Veterinary Practice we understand the importance of early socialisation for puppies.

It is probably the most important factor on the future well-being of your dog and in the formation of a well balanced, friendly adult.

Puppies that are well socialised grow up to be friendly and happy with people and animals, taking different situations in their stride and enjoy going anywhere with their owners.

Sadly not all puppies and dogs are so lucky.  Under-socialised puppies grow up to be shy, fearful, sometimes aggressive and unable to live their lives to the full.  If the relationship breaks down the loser is always the dog.  This results in them facing a very uncertain future.

We therefore offer Puppy Socialisation Parties to our clients, where puppies can come and play together in a safe, supervised situation.

Our Puppy Parties are a great fun and informative way to start your relationship with your puppy!  They are run by Sarah who has a lifetimes experience with dogs, has worked in a dog rescue centre and studied dog behaviour and training.

Your puppy will continue to learn the body language and signals necessary for adequate communication with other puppies in a low-risk environment.

During play sessions with the other puppies, they will learn to inhibit biting and learn other valuable lessons that they would have learned had they stayed in the litter.

As well as being a huge benefit to your puppy, it is an opportunity to make new friends and address any concerns you may have.

All puppies welcome after first vaccination.

Two classes every Thursday evening with Sarah

6.30pm – 7.30pm

7.30pm – 8.30pm

Please contact the practice to book your place (01395) 514697


Our Puppy Parties on a Thursday evening

Our Puppy Parties on a Thursday evening

Sarah also runs her own dog training for puppies over 16 weeks – which is a great way to further their training.  To visit her website please click on the link below: