The new practice, based on the grounds of Sidmouth Garden Centre, is the first purpose built veterinary centre in the area. We provide…

dogbullet  Complete pet care for small animals

Richard Jones BVSc MRCVS has over 22 years experience with small animals and specialises in Canine and Feline care as well as Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and all other small furries. If you have any concerns about your pets health this is the one place to find the solution to the problem, and the care and attention to get your pet back on track. We have all the facilities to care for, and treat your pet should they become ill, but also we stock and can give advice on all aspects of daily pet care, from flea and worm treatment to diets and dental care.

We have two operating theatres and a large prep room to cater for all aspects of surgery if required for your pet and we have a fully qualified Veterinary Nurse who is trained to the highest standard to enable the full time care of your pet if in the hospital with us for the day.

catbullet  In House Blood Analysis Equipment

If your pet requires a blood sample, we have the equipment at the practice to diagnose and give you an instant result which alleviates stress and worry if previously you have had to wait for days for a result to come through. Our staff are fully trained in all aspects of diagnostics to provide immediate results while you wait at the surgery and then see Richard for the result and treatment plan. All our equipment is state of the art and kept updated to ensure that you are always given the highest level of service.

rabbullet  State of the art X-ray equipment

We have the latest digital imaging technology at the practice that allows for your pets x-rays to be taken and an instant image to be produced to allow for quick diagnosis and alleviation of pain. All our facilities at the practice are provided with you and your pet in mind, to make the process of helping your pet to get better as quick a process as is physically possible. The image that is produced by the x-ray machine is scanned directly into the animals record so that you, as an owner, can see the results and easily discuss the treatment plan with Richard there and then with no processing time to wait for. We have a completely seperate imaging suite for the provision of this care.

turbullet  Separate Cat and Dog wards to reduce stress on animals

The practice was built with your pets best interests in mind throughout all stages of the build itself. We incorporated completely separate Cat and Dog areas so that there is less stress for your pets especially when they are rushed in and kept as inpatients. The areas are designed to be cool, quiet and completely segregated so that cats can enjoy the peace and quiet of a designated cat only area and dogs cannot see each other or the cats to cause them to become over excited or distressed when it is at a time that is required for them to be calm and resting.

Please feel free at any time to request a tour of our practice, inpatients and emergencies allowing, as we are very proud of what we can provide for you and you are very welcome to see what we have to offer.